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Andy Quinn bought his first house when he was a mere snip of a lad at the tender age of eighteen. A few years later he started up his own business giving mortgage and financial advice.

Now aged 42, Andy is both older and wiser. Married with three young children and living in Scholes, over the past few years he’s put his vast experience of the financial markets to good use as Director of Response Mortgages who are based on Kingsmead Drive, just off Wetherby Road.

Response Mortgages is now in its tenth year and has weathered the global financial meltdown pretty well, although they have a national and international clientele, Andy is keen for the  business to remain connected with his local community.

“It’s an interesting time at the moment  financially. The housing market seems to be turning the corner nationally and there’s been a lot of development locally which has fired the overall housing market.”

Speaking with Andy, it’s clear he knows what he’s doing. When so many financial businesses have gone to the wall over the last eight years, Response Mortgages has expanded and they now employ nine members of staff.

“Quite simply, we’ve made our name by our core values of honesty, integrity and getting to know the clients so we can really give an assessment of their needs. The mortgage  market is a confusing place with so many different products on offer.  I like to put myself another peoples shoes, for example, most people are going to be stretched with a mortgage on a first home and I try to look at the bigger picture and work out affordability and a strategy, which will incorporate both mortgage payment and protecting a clients biggest asset, which is themselves. Being totally independent really comes into its own here; it really does allow us to do our best for our clients, we’re not  influenced by targets or loyalty towards any  particular lender.”

Recently, the Mortgage Market Review kicked in, where how much you spend at the local hairdressers ResponseAndyand-teamis taken into account when applying for a mortgage, in the ever changing financial world, using Andy and his teams experience could potentially be the best investment you ever make.

The fact that Response Mortgages don’t get paid by anybody until your mortgage completes (and you have the keys in your hands) means that Andy and his team are constantly working for you until the very end, this will mean liaising with estate agents / Solicitors / Lenders on your behalf so nothing goes wrong and if it does, it’s nice to know you are not alone.

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