Ride it Don’t Hide it.

Andy Clarke from Whitkirk has had a passion for scooters for thirty years. He owns a Vespa P2 and a Spanish series 3, 200cc Lambretta. But if you expect him to be dolled up in a fishtail parka with targets and union jacks sewn all over it you’d be mistaken.
“I begged my poor Mum for months to get me a scooter when I was sixteen. Eventually she gave in and bought me a red Vespa 50 Special. It was my pride and joy. Thanks Mum.
I’ve had about a dozen over the years, I’m out on them in all weathers. No matter how down or stressed I get, I smile when I get on my scooter, it’s a great way to start the day.”

Andy was joined by two of his mates Reg and Blogsy.  Blogsy from Austhorpe bought his first scooter in 1979 and over the years he’s owned about a dozen. He now owns a beautiful blue and white Lambretta TV200 first registered in 1963 but just to upset the anoraks it has a GP200 engine and an outboard disc brake. With an immaculate blue and white metallic paint job, it’s obvious a lot of time and effort has gone into it. Reg from Whitkirk turned up on a yellow and black Lambretta, GP200 – not the smartest  scooter around but nice in a ‘well ridden’ way.  A relative newcomer, he only bought his first scooter fifteen years ago and could have been forgiven for wheeling it straight back to the shop as he was knocked off within six hours of  buying it when a car pulled out on him.
“My brother had one when I was young and I’d always liked them, eventually I got the money together for a Vespa T5 which I still have, I rode it day in day out in all weathers for twelve years, it’s battered but runs well – Vespas go on forever.”
Clarkie wheeled out his white Vespa P2 with three  blue stripes and the retro ADIDAS trefoil insignia, closely followed by his Lambretta which sported an incredible cream and chocolate paint job with the cosmopolitan ‘Chocolate Caliente’ scripted on the side, it almost looked edible.
So four scooters, barely a mirror in sight and they didn’t have loads of lights on the front. And no targets or parkas either.

Clarkie explained.  “It’s not a Mod thing, it’s about the scooters as they are, no stupid  accessories. The buzz with scooters apart from their obvious style is because of the smaller engine, you’re nearly always riding them to their full potential. There’s certain skill in riding an old Lambretta, they’re not the most reliable machines and sometimes it’s about nursing them home. The Vespas are more your everyday work horses but the Lambretta’s are made for riding. It’s a great feeling to ride through a town with loads of others although it doesn’t seem to happen as much these days, everyone seems to stick in their own little groups.
I love the scooter runs and the days out at the coast but the only time I’ve not gone on my scooter is when I went by train when I was about fourteen. I’ll be honest I get a bit hacked off when I see the ‘born again scooter boys brigade’ get their pristine scooters out of the back of their camper vans once or twice a year on scooter runs. I’m a member of one of the less snobby scooter clubs but I wish they’d get out more, I’m not one for the fair weather stuff.”

In fact the style of clothing the lads had on, coupled with Andy’s Adidas sponsored scooter owed more to the 1980’s ‘wish you were here’ football scene than Quadrophenia.

“Loads of us who went to the football back in the day used to have scooters. We all had a mate called Mark Bisbey who sadly passed away in 1999. He christened us the ‘Flying Ferrets Scooter Club.’  He loved his scooters and in some ways I’d like his passion to live on. He wasn’t about the snobbery involved in making sure every screw was made in Italy, he was about just getting out on it with a few mates and having a laugh. There are loads of lads round here with scooters and it’d be nice to get together from time to time to remember him. Not a club with subs and minutes of the last meeting etc, just getting out there and riding it. Ride it Don’t Hide it! The Flying Ferrets ride again.”
……Just don’t show up with half a dozen mirrors or a fishtail parka.

see video Ride it Dont Hide It

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  1. Merton Parker says:

    And what’s so bad about wanting to do things the right way? I’ve been on countless scooter runs and have yet to see the ‘born again scooter brigade.’ Good article apart from that and video’s great.

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