Sing for Heroes

Sing for Heroes 2013!  New choir seeks 40 men to sing their hearts out!
If the only audience to hear you sing is your collection of rubber ducks in the bathroom you might be a little shy at unleashing your vocal talents in public. But award winning choral conductor Will Prideaux is convinced he could get you hitting the right notes in just 12 weeks as part of a new male choir.
Sing for Heroes! is being launched with the aim of taking 40 men with a range of musical experience (including none!) and – over the course of 12 weeks – preparing them for a gala concert in aid of Help for Heroes in the spectacular setting of Leeds Town Hall.
As the brains behind the project Will is not facing an easy task, but his credentials as musical director of both Leeds and Peterborough Male Voice Choirs should stand him in good stead. Rob Butler, project spokesman said: “Will is our secret weapon. He is extremely experienced in helping ordinary men find their voice and discover the joy of singing. We are not looking for an Elvis or a Pavarotti,” Rob laughs, “just guys who want to come along and enjoy singing together. Until you have tried it you cannot understand the buzz singing can bring.”
Will says: “The whole idea of the project is to bring these people together as a community. We are creating a situation where they can come and have a go, get a warm welcome and not be judged. While some find it naturally easy to sing, for others it has to be developed. The first thing is to have the confidence to come and have a go.
“So many people are told they can’t sing or are tone deaf which can be soul destroying and could become the verdict on their singing for the rest of their life. If I took the first 40 men to walk through the door now I am sure half would say without a doubt, ‘I can’t sing’. But to sing is a natural thing. Singing with others takes a few extra skills, but they will come.”
To publicise the project a massive 40,000 leaflets have been distributed across Leeds and Will hopes that finding 40 willing volunteers in each city will not prove too difficult. ‘Singing is such a joyous, life-affirming activity. I really hope loads of men will give this project a go!’
“We are not looking for 100 per cent in musicality, but 100 per cent in terms of enthusiasm,” says Rob, “All we are asking is come to an introductory session and find out more. We are convinced those that do will enjoy themselves and discover how great singing can be.”
To get the Sing for Heroes! project up and running introductory sessions are being held at the Carriage Works on Millennium Square on 11th and 12th July. Interested in getting involved?

Email or call John England on 07853 986034 for a free information pack.

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