Sound and Vision – It’s Christmas Time

Sound and Vision – It’s Christmas Time
John Moody takes us on a tour of 1970-80’s East Leeds pubs where along with brothers Bill and Steve he Dj’d as Sound and Vision Mobile Disco.

Hello Everybody! I know you were expecting the second part of the Seacroft Centre but I couldn’t resist a look back at Christmas, so tinsel and balls it shall be…

It’s Christmas time, no time to be afraid, it’s the time that every Santa has a ball, so get them stockings out ready to be filled up.

Down York Road into the town centre; The good old office party, or Christmas Eve, pretty much the same. Yes girls, it’s what you been waiting for, you’ve been shopping in the Bond Street Centre and what did you end up with: 6 inch stilettos, the shortest black mini skirt you have ever seen, a sleeveless low cut top (come on girls it’s the middle of winter) all glammed up ready to go. Red lipstick on, smelling beautiful and of course the obligatory mistletoe. East End Park, City Centre, staying local, doesn’t matter, everywhere will be heaving tonight, worry about the cold or getting a taxi home later on. Here it is merry Christmas, everybody’s having fun, the soundtrack of Yuletide, Slade, Roy Wood, BA Robertson and that new one by the Pogues with Kirsty McCall, Xmas 1980 style and everyone will be

Off we go then, bag in hand, taxi outside. So there you are and here I am, on stage strutting my stuff. I can hear it now (David Bowie’s) Sound and Vision. Am I all ready? Looking across at the props; there he is on a coat hanger, Adam Ant: the black leather trousers studs and red feathers, the braided black jacket and next to that of course the bald head and plastic Mac, cucumber in pocket. So off we go, the classic Motown & Soul with all the usual Christmas records. What a ball! A night to remember!!

So where are we at now; Boxing Day 26th of December. It’s a couple’s night out, you and your partner all dressed up. Fancy dress time and why why why do all the men want to get dressed up as women (yes it’s you Peter Lighthowler) one of the Whinmoor lads. Every year the same, he just loved ponytails, pleated skirts and stockings! Boxing day night full of fun; It’s a magic roundabout said Florence, Dylan and Dougal. Yes it’s party music from ‘Feeling Hot Hot Hot,’

to doing the Time Warp and of course they will be coming to take me away; bucket of water in one hand, soda syphon in the other – don’t know about hot hot hot, it’s a bit more like Wet Wet Wet!! Always a good one!

Onto New Year’s Eve; best bib and tucker out, a smart night out with the wife and friends all dressed to kill at the Whinmoor of all places, I’ve even seen dinner suits worn! My god, it’s more like a social club, all the seats taken and there’s only one person at the table. Here they all come yes it’s a nice mixture of music right across the Decades, 50s, 60s and 70s; mixed with all the alcohol makes it a fuel filled night! It’s five minutes to midnight, the bar closes for 15 minutes, all the girls are running to the loo and the boys are stacking up the drinks. The countdown begins, 5..4..3..2..1… Auld Lang Syne is playing, everybody arm in arm, cheering, hugging and those that don’t want kissing sneak off out of the way, you know who you are girls! Bar opens again, shouts from the dance floor “come on Moody get some more music on” so be it, we’re open till 1!

The night comes to an end and it’s time to sup off, clock off and f f f fade away. A joyful evening for everyone. Time to collect your beloved and home you go; arm in arm off you go struggling through the snow coat around her shoulders, singing Christmas songs to each other wishing the passers by a Happy New Year. Ey up, there’s something wrong with the coat, it’s much lighter… she’s not there!? As you look back there she is – face down in all the snow – you lost her out of the coat you idiot! Goodnight everybody, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year… live everyday as if it’s your last…John Moody- Probably!! the best DJ in the world!

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