Sound and Vision – Seacroft Centre Part 2

Hello hello, here we go Seacroft Centre, Part 2, built in the sixties and was opened by her Royal Highness The Queen in 1965.

I have actually been told that she stopped off for a cup of tea at a house nearby, whether that is true I’m not sure. I can see it now, the streets were lined with men, women and children, flying flags, screaming, shouting and cheering as the car rolled by, her scissors glinting in the autumn sun awaiting to cut the ribbon.

Let me see if I can jog your memories: as you well know, lots and lots of concrete, even the sculptures and benches, lots of shops, offices, flats and maisonettes including high rise flats all set around the complex built on two levels. I’m sure you folk will have great memories of shopping here. To one side of the main entrance, the Skyliner fish shop and restaurant or could it have been the Seafarer first! And to the other side, Post Office, Job Centre and the list goes on, all amenities under one roof, like a giant one stop shop; sign on, go to bookies, go to pub, fish butty on the way home.

Who can remember Bonnie and Dots Bakery, Derrisfords cafe and the launderette; spent some time in there stone-washing my jeans. The YEB shop, that’s where we all went to pay our red reminders! Forbouys, the newsagents, TSB bank, Jack Fulton’s, the Wimpy Dewhurst, the butchers, Stylo Shoes shop, Patel’s toys and everything else you could name. Knobs and Knockers DIY, you couldn’t name a shop that now, you wouldn’t get away with it!! And the barbers; Hav’s: what a fantastic lad he was, not with us anymore sadly.

Always remember two girls; Julie and Terri who would pop their heads around the door and ask anybody if they wanted their shopping doing while having hair done, talk about care in the community you could give them your shopping list and they would get it for you…. and at half the price!! How they did it I don’t know!

Memories! It’s really nice to reminisce. I was talking to an old mate Mark Quirk about the old bandstand downstairs and how we always used to play and run around on it while our parents would shop. Then of course growing up in the pubs, the heart of the community the public house; The Sovereign more for the younger ones, disco, jukebox, pool table and the Pathfinder more family orientated. Of course we used it ourselves but when we saw Mum and Dad coming back from the Gala Bingo we used to leg it back to the Sovereign. Happy days or what.

Thank you for the feedback from the skinheads and stompers or should I say the Green Owls as they would chant whilst running around the concrete jungle of the centre. I don’t think it was that bad just a lot of lads growing up, letting off steam, although the e-mail I got from Ted of Kentmere Avenue said there were always scraps in the fish shop and when he was in one Friday night saw two fish get BATTERED haha! Nice one Ted, the old ones are the best.
Just before I go,a big hello to the crowd from the Civic youth club who are all in their 60s and 70s, as well as the Green Owls (I know, I know it sounds like a girl guide troupe) but they weren’t to be messed with, same goes for the Blazer Boys before them and the Seacroft Mentals later, all this to a soundtrack of ska and reggae; The Liquidator, Long Shot Kick de Bucket, and the dance floor filler Skinhead Moonstomp – ‘Get yer Braces together and your boots on your feet, and give us some of that ooold Moonstomping, Are you Ready!’

And also thank you to Paul, Bev, Dave and Marie who remember me from the Meanwood Arms in the 80s and all the Two Tone music. Next time, onto the Village green, the Cricketers, The Gate and the Felmongers. Oh and a massive thank you to Keith Fuller for the pictures. Happy new year everyone!!

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  1. Clive Cooper says:

    RE; The Green Owls Skinheads (GOBB) – later known as The Seacroft Scooter Club, GREAT Set of lads just out for a laugh, who would back each other up when the going got tough – which was EVERY weekend lol, us lot would have won World war 3 but only after 2 x bottles of Old English Cider lol – best time of my life – the lads were = Graham + Geoff Hughes, jimmy and tony lamb, me – Clive Cooper, Peter ibbitson, John Galley from Gipton, louie from gipton, pete hurst, Jezz High,johnny(eagle)Clarkson, john o’groats, Jaffa, Dusty etc etc GREAT times from the 70’s

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