Sound and Vision – Seacroft Centre

Hello hello hello, the Seacroft Centre this time, or should I say life before Tesco. Yes concrete concrete and more concrete, underground car park, roof car park, shops everywhere, 2 public houses one on the inside & one on the outside; The Pathfinder and Sovereign, also the Skyliner fish shop and just around the corner, the youth club – the Civic. Lots of happy times and that’s where I would love to start. We’re going to do this in two parts if you don’t mind, yes 5 years before Sound and Vision because it’s too good to miss!

Picture this; skinheads in there half-mast levi’s, cherry red Doc Martins laced up in yellow and an ice blue buttoned down collar shirt, all held together with a pair of red braces. Their younger brothers; The Stompers, wearing a pair of black Royals ( brogues) and a pair of stay-press two-tone trousers with the famous Ben Sherman shirt, all wrapped up in the black Crombie.


Happy days running amock throughout the concrete jungle of the Seacroft Centre, in and out of the Civic youth club jumping around to “High Ho Silver Lining” then into the Sovereign and the Pathfinder where underage drinking began. Yes I know we’re supposed to be talking about the demise of the public house but that is where it all started;

The pub was the heart of community, it was where people (apart from socialising) would join together, football, rugby, darts, dominoes, pool teams etc. even find work & intermingle with other communities & communicate – yes, Talk to each other!  Have a conversation! Take a walk, exercise, fresh air, and a pint, you cant beat it!

A pleasurable experience & music was a big part of it all! I bet if I name a song, you will be able to tell me what you were doing & which pub you were in at the time & probably what you were wearing, who you were with and have a right giggle about it!!

We got about using pubs as directional landmarks; turn at the Whinmoor, second left after the Dog &Gun: Now no pubs – Get a Sat Nav! Then when you find one, what do you see; a table full of mobile phones, everybody scrolling up & down, then when you manage to get a conversation going, of course there’s always good old thrush to chip
in & say something obvious or something completely out of context- very irritating!!

Just before I sign off, a couple of thank yous; Heather from Thorpe Willoughby for reminding me of when I worked at Casanova’s in York. She came across a mag in a pub in Hambleton that reminded her about us talking on the telephones provided on the tables. Yes, there was a phone on each table & the DJ stand, where you could ring for a request or talk to each other table to table. Very handy!! And to Mark from Sherburn-in-Elmet for emailing me about the trips up & down York Road when he was in a band; had some really good memories & said “I see you left all the juicy bits out!! Suppose they’re for the book!” – You never know!!!!

Live every day as though it’s your last!
Actually, that sounds like a good title!

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