Sound and Vision – Seacroft Pubs

Hello hello hello, will have to stop doing that introduction, I sound like the good old boys in blue. Anyway let’s crack on, village green, The Cricketers Arms what a fantastic pub, from a good old country pub to a modern local over the years.

I remember when they built the extension on the back of the pub, a big Tap Room for the boys and a lovely cosy Lounge all set at the front, food and drink was the intent. The days of a pint and a packet of crisps had long gone. A full menu, specials on chalkboards and why not with the village green just at the front of the pub. Even had a couple of local lads as landlords, some of you might remember Billy Young, could always be found playing pool or even bashing the notes out on the piano, I’m not saying he didn’t do any work!! And of course one of the coolest dudes around, good old Louis, a dead ringer for Errol Bown, the front man from Hot Chocolate.

Yes those long hot summer days bring back lots of good memories; Atha’s fun fair – sat on the opposite corner with Waltzers, the Speedway and of course Hook a duck (I think that’s how you spell it!!) the kids with a goldfish in a plastic bag half full of water, swimming perfectly well when they won it but by the end of the day it was floating on the top of the water! So sad, mind you, the plastic bag come in handy for all the other stuff that they had won.

Sat outside with a pint in your hand watching the day go by, listening to all the music blasting out from the fun fair, of course it wouldn’t go by without a few altercations from the scooter boys and the bikers; the green fishtail parkers, the black leather jackets, all rolling around in a big bunch. Reminded me of the laundrette sat in front of the washing machine!! And when that was all over young Steven Linley never failed to entertain us, yes Linley’s garage opposite, when dad and big brother went home, Steve would get the mini grass tracker out and give us a few laps on the village green to the disgust of all the neighbours who lived around it.

Well On to the Fellmongers, right at the bottom of North Parkway; a local locals pub. What I really mean to say; if you call for a pint and no one knows your face, watch your back, you could end up fighting but having said that, a lovely lounge and taproom the usual darts, dominoes, pool and football teams and yes sadly another pub due to be demolished.

Seacroft was full of rough and ready pubs, The Gate was another. When I say rough and ready, I mean it does what it says on the toilet wall. Quite a big public house sat in a very big car park. Tap room and a very big lounge, disco area, darts & doms and of course the usual pool team. It had a history of very good football teams and with all them teams comes a lot of young men, so when the beer was flowing it could get a bit boisterous and a little bit messy you could say!

Talking about The Gate to an old pal of mine, Tony Learoyd who became a publican himself and ran the Oddfellows Arms in Sherburn-in-Elmet at one time, told me a funny tale when he was a regular and played football for the Gate. He and all the lads were all sat around a table in the Tap room, it was a warm hot summer’s night, all the windows and the doors were open but there wasn’t that much conversation.

The landlady came over to collect all the glasses at the table and made a comment; ‘What’s up with all you lads, anybody would think you were planning a bank robbery!’ And with that said, we couldn’t believe our ears! There were sirens loud as anything, we just looked at each other and smiled, and at that moment we all jumped up, some of us running into the toilets, the rest jumping over the bar, there was no one left at the table. The landlady, hands full of glasses, was jumping up and down shouting and screaming.. whats going on!? what’s going on!? We all just sat back around the table and started laughing our heads off! What’s going on!?.. must have been a fire engine passing by! Nice one Tony! And that’s it for now everyone, thanks for reading and don’t forget…

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