Sound and Vision – The Brothers Moody

Slip Inn, AKA, the New Regent situated behind the Irish centre A64, a 4 nighter, Thursday to Sunday. Best introduce you to my brothers; Steven, lights sound and transport – Mr Fix It & of course Billy, well known as Wild Bill, best PR Man in the world, could talk the hind leg off a donkey & sell ice to Eskimos – excuse the pun, always ABLE TO HELP.

Purpose built Tetley’s pub, architecture was fantastic. Consisted of tap room, lounge, snug and big concert room. A sight to see Tetley’s own horse and dray delivering their own beer as they did all over East End Park. Pub positioned in middle of back to back housing estate – girls out with rollers in hair and cigarette in hand, chatting about the weekend ahead to the old lady, Harry with his horse and cart, selling fruit and veg, nose bag and all. Kids playing in the street not one apple or orange taken. The Slip was just one of the well known pubs on the beer run on a Friday & Saturday night.

From The Waterloo to The Black Dog – where you could buy everything from a Rolex to a bent tax disc. The Fish Hut, Spring Close, The Cavalier, The Yew Tree, The Hampton and of course the two late nighters; The Richmond (previously known as The Prospect) a wild west featured pub, swing doors the lot & if you felt up for a fight; The Old Bank, where police would lay and wait for everyone that was on their wanted list.

soundandvision-bill-moodyI remember the night I got a rollicking from the police. As you well know the police would go from pub to pub with the so called ripper tapes (Wearside Jack) I would always take the mickey when the boys in blue came in and play They’re Coming To Take Me Away ha ha. They would ask the landlady to use my disco equipment so people could listen to it in the pub, with an old handheld tape recorder I would hold the microphone over the speaker. As they left, one whispered in my ear – DON’T DO IT AGAIN! And he meant it. Always finished the night with the old saying  ‘Its time at the bar, sup off, clock off and ffffade away. Live everyday as though it’s your last because one day you’ll be bang on!’

So, there I go again on my own, late gig up the road at the Starlight Bar / Silver Jubilee. Over the top of the old Shaftesbury cinema, the Lallys – from scrap yard to nightclub owners,  Frank, Tommy and Bernard our very own Kray brothers, with their pristine clobber – suit, tie, white shirt and of course the black cromby.  Entrance doorway 50-60 steps up the side of the building to the club (seen a few people come down head first.) Same old hard men stood in the corner of the bar Eddie Parker, Roy Richardson and Roy Maloney and who should be stood there dressed to kill but Wild Bill, entourage with him, bird on each arm, keeping everyone entertained before the vinyl starts spinning.

Sunday morning, 2am, thank God, girls sweeping the glass and mopping up the blood after a few regular punch ups. Music stops, the nights over – everyone out.
After a good night, mickey taking as usual, I’m off with my suitcase of vinyls surrounded by four bouncers greeted outside with four flat tyres – obviously someone didn’t appreciate my sense of humour…my comeuppance.
Ta for reading John Moody.

Next time The Shaftesbury and The Compton (Rockys!)



  1. Dave Beston says:

    miss all these pubs so much. Not a single one left. There is the Hope Inn which surprisingly in my opinion is still going. No character about this place though.Fortunately I am only 15 mins walk from town

  2. Dave Beston says:

    oh I forgot the Old Bank, didnt Joe Richardson’s ( landlord, Yew Tree ) mother run it ? had some memorable nights in there. Got snowed in once had to stay all night ! I only lived 5 mins away mind you !!!

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