Warren – Confessions of a Pest Controller

Confessions of a Pest Controller

“I have a genuine love of nature, I was brought up in a real Kes environment. There weren’t many other kids about so I just ran wild in the woods where I also developed an understanding of animals and their habits from an early age. Relatives bought me nature books at Christmas and I devoured them and that knowledge is still stuck in my brain.”

Warren, if there’s anybody out there who doesn’t know him, is the East Leeds pest controller extraordinaire, a man at one with pests and their habits and a man you will be pleased to see should you have a rat in the kitchen.

“A gardener will tell you a weed is a flower in the wrong place and quite often it’s the same with pests. Most have a job to do, nobody likes wasps but they pollinate plants and flowers in early summer, just like bees do and feed off smaller insects. Believe me if we completely eradicated wasps we would be faced with more problems than we’ve solved. No pest controller wants to destroy a bees nest but obviously in the wrong place it’s a problem.”

Pest control tends to be seasonal, wasps nests in summer for example but the strange weather of late is showing up a few surprises.

“I recently trapped two moles in Scholes. Now moles are very solitary animals, to find two together in the mating season around May is normal enough but not in September. Moles can very quickly cause havoc on your lawn but a simple tip is to keep it short. A mole basically is a worm farmer and worms like it when a lawn is long and lush.”
As the nights draw in and the days get colder, it’s the turn of something else to look to us for shelter.

warren-and-son-aug16iss59“Rats and mice are a year round problem but always more in Autumn as they try and gain entry to our properties. They’re looking for somewhere warm and safe and will quite happily live in the rafters or the roof of your home. Having a rat in your home is a horrible experience and whilst we can poison or trap them I always think prevention is better than cure, so that’s why we’ve introduced our ‘Pest Proofing Survey.’ We will check your property, the loft, the drains etc, not just for mice and rat entry but just about everything else, right down to slugs entering through air bricks.”

Warren charges £30 for a survey and usually it takes another £40 in materials to pest proof it, sometimes the remedies are simple enough, such as mesh over air bricks, sometimes he might find problems with drains which need rectifying.

“If you call me out to catch a rat it’s £80 for two visits which includes blocking their way in but it’s nicer not to have them in the first place. I must admit I have a grudging respect for rats, we will never, ever wipe them out completely but I look at it as my calling to try and take them out. Some people say how crafty and clever they are but I think it’s more about instinct, they’re neophobic by nature which means they don’t like new things, so if you’ve got them in your garage and you put a trap down, don’t expect them to just walk into it, if they’ve got the lay of the territory, they’ll know it’s something new and avoid it even if you put a four course meal on it! We use traps, poison, dogs, anything to get them, it’s an everyday battle for me but always remember if you encounter one; terrified as you might be, it’s more scared of you.

I’d like to thank all customers for their loyalty towards a local business. If any readers need a bit of advice, please feel free to call me, we’re a small, family business and just ringing might either put your mind at ease or make me come out to have a look. Either way, if the price of a phone call gives you peace of mind then it’s worth the few minutes it takes.

I like to think of us as the 4th Emergency Service, forget that claim by the AA or
whoever it is, they just come and sort your car out, we come and sort your life out!”


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