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Issue 34

East Leeds Magazine Issue 34 Cover

East Leeds Magazine Issue 34 Cover

Don’t you ask me to come out,

When the sun does shine, 

Better stay here with curtains drawn, 

In darkness you’ll be mine, 

Let’s wait for the blackout, 

The light is too bright, 

Let’s wait for the blackout, 

Wait for the night.

The old Damned classic, Wait for the Blackout-and if you believe the press, it’s going to be the coldest winter since the ice age, or at least 2011 and we’ll suffer fuel shortages and black outs. In addition they’re turning the night street lights off in some areas, so no doubt bills will go up again as the energy companies profits go down. Which means we can’t really win but look on the bright side, if there’s a black out we won’t have to suffer all the repeats at Xmas and people might actually talk to each other instead of their phones! Oh, and the hospice lottery is still only a quid!

Anyway, all the usual stuff plus Alex Turner is growing up fast, not only is she our youngest  contributor at eleven years old but she’s now British Champion at Taekwondo and aiming for Tokyo 2020. Watch this space!


Congratulations to Fiona Browne who won the ‘Girls Night in’ Competition at Thorpe Park Hotel.

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