Welcome to East Leeds Magazine Issue 38

april14iss38coverI am tired, I am weary, 

I could sleep for a thousand years, 

A thousand dreams that would awake me, 

Different colors made of tears..

Venus in Furs by the Velvet Underground which was covered by the Leeds band the Ukrainians.

In memory of former band member and our friend Roman Revkniv, who recently passed away in St.Gemma’s.

 На добраніч і Бог благословить 


The Wykebeck Arms are doing a charity firewalk, with a bouncy castle, stalls etc and a disco afterwards until late on 12th April from 1pm in aid of the Kendall Appeal. Good luck to all those taking part.

Former Whitkirk resident John Lake is back with the final part of his Leeds 6 Trilogy, Speed Bomb, see article here.

Local radio station East Leeds FM tell us all about their plans for the old Methodist Chapel, just off York Road, near Seacroft Green. They also returned the favour and we were on their Communitication show on April 1st, you can still

hear it on ‘Listen Again’ on www.elfm.co.uk.


We’d also like to highlight  The Silver Line charity. This is a free confidential helpline, providing information, friendship and advice to older people, it’s open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. There is also a website-

www.thesilverline.org.uk    Silver-Line

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  1. Tina Nelson says:

    R.I.P Roman.

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