Welcome to Issue 41

I said August is all that I know,

aaaugust14iss41COVERIt’s with me wherever I go,

It’s with me when I need a friend,

It brings me good weather,

It keeps me together,

It picks me up when I’m down,

August, the psychedelic rock classic from the 1969 album Four Sail by the magnificent Love with Arthur Lee. But it hasn’t all being plain sailing this summer, a none too good showing in the world cup for England and after the grand Grand Depart, our best cyclists, like our footballers came home early. And we still can’t work out how they score points in bicycle races.

We’ll ask Constantine to explain, although this issue he’s focusing on triathlons and his love of the Yorkshire countryside. Abel Kubare suffers a summer of discontent and if anyone else has, maybe they should let off steam boogying on down with Dance Floor 54. Either that or join the super heroes at Lidos Theatre group. Have a read about their latest production ‘Supertown’ at the Carraigeworks.  And if all that fails, learn to cook yourself a tasty meal with ‘Let’s Cook!’

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  1. Great cover, really funky!

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