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Over the years, May is usually the month when our barbecue trade takes off. I think this is due to a pent up demand, as customers are ready for something different after the miserable winter months and the first time we get settled good weather, out come the barbecues. Cooking outside is a great way to enjoy your garden and spend some time with family and friends. We have lots of great cuts and flavoured products that are ideal to barbecue but to keep it simple I am going to suggest some of our favourites.


Starters. Especially if we have a few people round, I like to offer some nibbles. This helps prevent everyone standing with his or her tongue out waiting for the main dish. One of our favourites is the lamb Moroccan kebabs which are spicy minced lamb on a stick. Not too spicy but very tasty and moorish. For those who do not do spicy there are our mini garlic chicken skewers, very succulent and tasty.


Sausages. Sausages are always popular and are also ideal to hand our as a nibble or starter while you continue with the cooking. We have many great flavours and as we use good quality pork there is very little shrinkage.


Giving out some nibbles gives you a bit more time to cook the main products.


Main course. Obviously there are steaks, which I will come to later, but these are not cheap so first we will look at more reasonably priced products. Chicken is enjoyed by most people and our lemon peppered chicken fillet steaks are always popular at our get togethers. The lemon flavour and cracked pepper gives these chicken steaks a lovely citrus taste with the zing of the pepper. They are not our most attractive looking product but one of our tastiest.


We also do chicken steaks in several other flavours such as Cajun, hot & Spicy and French garlic. (This is also one of my favourites but then again I love garlic.)


The other economic tasty choice is our flavoured boneless pork sirloins, these come in three different flavours and are all winners. We have Lemon & Chili, Caribbean Jerk and Honey and Mustard. Like the chicken steaks, these cook in no time on the barbecue and will delight your friends and family being tasty and succulent., needing only some new potatoes and a bit of salad to make a very attractive serving.


Steaks. When most people, especially men, think of a barbecue, they think about steaks, and why not they are delicious! But, as beef prices have risen and the economy fallen, they have now, more than ever, become a luxury choice. Not  ideal if you are inviting the whole street, but a great treat if you are having a more intimate barbecue. Siloin, Rib eye and Rump are best, Fillet can be good but if not cooked to perfection it is easily spoilt by overcooking and is it worth taking the risk on such an expensive cut? Rump is very tasty, Sirloin is tender, succulent and lean, and my favourite Rib Eye, does have a bit of fat in it, but is all the better for it, melting in your mouth! Take your choice.


Cooking. After good quality meat the next most important thing is how it is cooked! Before cooking take the meat out of your fridge for at least half an hour to allow it to come up to ambient temperature. This way the meat will cook more evenly. Make sure your barbecue is up to temperature, depending on the weather. You need it very hot on a cool windy day but not as hot on a hot sunny day. If you can’t control the temperature try raising the cooking grid to reduce the heat. I would recommend that in most cases the piece of meat should only be turned once. Watch the edge of the cut or steak and see the meat change colour as the meat cooks upwards towards the centre, and when you think it is cooked almost half way up turn it over. The second side will not take just as long, as it has begun to warm up while cooking the other side. As you see the meat cooking up towards the centre again this is when you decide when to take it off. Removing the meat before it has cooked up to the centre will give you Medium and waiting until it reaches the centre will give you well done. I always prefer medium as the steak will be more succulent. You can always use a spatchelor to feel the firmness of the meat. For medium you want it to be slightly spongy and for well done you want it to feel firm. Let the steak rest for a couple of minutes before serving for best results.



Barbecue Special

I am sure following the above advice will enhance your barbecue experience and to get you on your way we are offering a delicious Barbecue Pack this month.


4 x Lemon Peppered Chicken Steaks


4 x Caribbean Jerk Pork Sirloins


8 x Thick Pork Sausages (assorted flavours)


All for only £15












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