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Hello again and welcome to our regular update. August has been quite interesting for us. After being named Britain’s best butchers, we struggled to get any of the local media (apart from this magazine) to take on our good news.  We did get a short piece on Calendar, which was very good, but the radio or newspapers did not show any interest. That was, until several weeks later, when we took out a small advert in the Evening Post and the next thing we knew we had our photos on the front page and an inside page, and to top it off we were then contacted by Radio Leeds to go down to the studio and talk about winning the award. This was not only good publicity for the shop but also recognition of the hard work put in by our fantastic staff. It just shows you never know how things will turn out.

The barbecue products have gone particularly well during the better weather and we have supplied quite a few local church and school events with sausages and burgers. We appreciate being asked to supply these events and always try to give our best price, as, in the end, proceeds always go to a good cause and a lot of people have put a lot of effort in.

While talking of supplying other people we are now supplying our pies and other products to Thorner Stores and also to Satnam at his mini mart in Scholes. Both stores are selling plenty of our products and are getting fresh supplies daily. So now you can enjoy our products even if you don’t have time to come down to Crossgates!

We know it is still early but we are now working on our 2013 Christmas Price list and by the time you receive this magazine we will have launched our Christmas Hamper brochure and started taking orders. Many people like to start paying off their hamper early so they can pay in installments and spread the cost over several months. If you start early it can work out as low as £6 per week. The most popular two hampers are the one with the 10lb Fresh Turkey and the one containing the fresh boneless turkey joint. All our hampers provide everything you will need for an average family at Christmas, and it all comes in one box. You can even have it delivered for a small fee, How easy is that? Please ask in the shop for more information. We also have the stamp machine in the shop where stamps can be bought and saved on a card and redeemed against future purchases. If you save 47 stamps we even give you the last three! To add to this we are also currently looking into starting a loyalty card. Watch this space!!

Bon Appetit John & Andrew Green


I have also considered putting in a questions and answers section on this page, so if anyone has any good questions about our shop or products, please let us know.  john@wilsonsbutchers.co.uk


‘Meat’ the Staff



Kathleen has been with us for four and a half years now and came to work for us in our bakery after coming over from Ozark, Missouri in the USA. She lives locally with her husband Dan, and has just been accepted to train as a nurse, so will sadly be leaving Wilsons soon to move onto pastures new. All is not bad however, as Kathleen says she will be available to cover for us during holidays in her studying and free days.

We thank Kathleen for all her hard work and wish her all the best in her new career. She will be missed.



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