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Welcome to our first pages of 2014. We hope everyone had a great festive season and you are all settling back into your normal routines again.  We were very pleased with how Christmas went in the shop with it being the first year with our new layout. Our new brochure and ordering system worked well with only a few hiccups and the express pickup point went down a treat.

  We have been very pleased by the number of customers who went out of their way to say how well this went and that they would  definitely use it again in the future. With these systems in place the shop did not get overcrowded and therefore people who wanted to browse or get served at the counters could do so comfortably. This was also despite our credit card machine’ broadband connection being out of order all through the 23rd December.

It is hard to see where time has gone but we have now reached the first anniversary of our shop expansion and refurbishment. We would like to thank all our customers old and new for your continued custom: After all, we do not have a business without your loyal support. I have already mentioned our loyalty cards in previous editions but we are just in the final stages of getting some application forms printed and will be rolling out the scheme towards the end of February. Please look out to take advantage of this promotion. Most of our customers are regular visitors to the shop and this is a way of rewarding you for your loyalty. Like other companies we will require some information when we issue the cards, including a valid e-mail address.

Our old chef left us at the end of November and we wish him well but it also made room for our new Chef called David and he has taken up the reins with great enthusiasm. Please take a look into our ready meals cabinet to see the wide range of meals we have on display as well as the products he is making for our Deli counter. David’s Corned Beef Bomber, Meatloaf and Savory Sausage Plait are already selling well from the deli cabinet providing ready meal solutions to busy customers.

wilsons_Beef-Hot-PotOther delicious dishes are David’s Beef Hot Pot and his Stew and Dumplings, both of which are ideal for keeping the cold out! He is even making a Vegetable Lasagne, unheard of in a butchers!! As David is experienced in all areas of cooking he has also started to produce some delicious deserts. I would say my favorite is his Sticky Toffee Pudding. It is as good as any we have tasted, and I can tell you we have tasted quite a lot!!! He is also making delicious Apple sponge puddings as well as chocolate pudding and apple crumble. wilsonstickytoffeeThese are comfort foods at their best, try one when you next visit the shop, you won’t be disappointed.

We are still surprised to find many customers still don’t know we are open on a Sunday. Just in case you are not aware we now open every Sunday from 10am until 4pm. Sunday opening has proved popular with many local customers for various reasons, some like shopping when Crosgates is not busy, some find Sunday is the only day they can shop, or others who have a last minute change in plan need to buy something post haste! So whatever your reason, please call in and say hello next time you are passing on a Sunday. We are always pleased to see you!

Chicken is always good value for money,  especially in these tough times and because it is a popular choice, we like to keep our hot counter full of hot chickens. Some goes into hot sandwiches and the rest are sold as whole birds to be used for main meals. Don’t forget, you can always order a chicken with us and pick it up hot on your way home from work, ready to eat as your evening meal. This is ideal when you are short of time and represents great value.

A new product we have added this month is our Shallot and roasted onion chicken. These are chicken fillets coated in shallot, onion and crispy breadcrumbs and can be fried or oven baked to give a delicious tasty meal with a crispy coating.

If you are a member of the growing online community, either on your computer or mobile device, please log onto our facebook page (Wilsons Butchers) and like us so you will be notified of new products and offers etc. We are also on twitter (@WilsonsButchers) where we will also post information. We now have Francine in the office and she keeps our pages up to date, so don’t hesitate to post us a comment or question, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Bon Appétit

John & Andrew

Ask Your Butcher

Does your meat contain added hormones?

To be double certain about this we contacted our Beef farmer, Tony Lawn from Barkston Ash and he told us that he buys all his store calves from the Scottish Boarders and they have been started on grass and then once he brings them to his farm they have a diet of cereals and silage, while indoors and grass in the fields. He said he definitely does not use hormones in food or supplement form. Being able to find out information like this is one reason we like to know where our meat comes from.

Do you sell Flat Brisket like I have seen the TV chefs use?

Yes we do, we prepare most of our brisket rolled as this is the way most people buy it, but if you ask we can get you a nice flat piece to your requirements. Don’t forget, we are here to serve our customers so if there is anything out of the ordinary that you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to ask us.


Meat the Staff

wilsonsdoreenandchefWe are sorry to say that after our last article in the magazine, Doreen, who worked in our bakery for many years, took a turn for the worse and has since past away.  Our sympathies are with her family and we can honestly say the pie room will not be the same without her.

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  1. I missed not queuing at Christmas, it had become a tradition! Seriously well done to Wilsons for cutting queues, expanding their range and not compromising on quality. Love the articles as well.

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