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wilsonsbanner We hope you’ve been enjoying  (and if not enjoying, merely coping with) the summer sunshine. It appears Britain’s long lasting abstinence from the season of summer has finally subsided.   With the summer wilsonsIMG_0518sunshine comes wedding season,  as each bride and groom crosses their fingers for no grey rain clouds on their special day. When we at Wilsons think ‘wedding season’, we instinctively think ‘Pork pie’. This might seem a far fetched tangent for some of you, but believe it or not, an ever increasing number of couples have come to rely on Wilsons pork pies to keep their guests contented and their bellies full on their special day.   We first introduced our award-winning Pork Pies into our Crossgates store nearly 30 years ago. Since then, we’ve stuck with the same trademark recipe, but expanded our in-house bakers craftsmanship in all manners of shapes and sizes. Our first foray into the wonderful world of special occasion pork pies began with our customisable Giant Celebration Pork Pies back in 2004.wilsonsWedding Cake Pie.jpg-large These magnificent pies are identical to our regular award-winning pork pies, with the exception of size. Our Giant Celebration Pork Pies stand at 9 ½ inches in diameter and weigh a mouth-watering 7lb. They are the choice of many for birthdays, christenings, leaving dos and retirements. We offer customers the option of customising their pie with pastry letters, and this is where people get very creative! From a simple ‘Happy Birthday Dad’ to an inviting ‘Eat Me’, we’ve received tonnes of different requests (some of which aren’t even suitable to be written in here!).With the demand for our celebration pies growing, we were approached by a frustrated regular customer of ours wanting to serve our pork pies at her wedding reception. The venue at which she was hosting her reception had informed her she could only serve their food. She was, however, permitted to serve her own Wedding Cake, and asked us if there was anything we could do to help her. And with that, our first Wedding Cake Pork Pie was created! We now bake our Wedding Cake Pork Pies regularly, often daily during wedding season. We provide our handcrafted pork pie tiers in squares of ascending sizes of 7,9 and 11 inches. Weighing approximately 21lb in total, they promise to make a great centrepiece and talking point, with the benefit of doubling up as part of the wedding meal or reception buffet.  These too can be personalised with names and dates, and can be displayed with such elegance, you’d almost forget you were looking at a stack of pork pies! So when you next receive a wedding invite in the post, keep your fingers crossed and hope that the wedding cake is from Wilsons! If you’d like to order a Celebration Pie or Wedding Cake Pork Pie from us, or jst find out more, you can call us on 0113 253 4813, visit our website at www.wilsonsbutchers.co.uk or pop in to see us in the shop

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