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Welcome to our regular page. This month has been mainly about getting back to normal after the holiday season. Most people have had their summer holidays now and are getting back into a regular routine again. This along with a change in the weather has a real effect on our trade. Shoppers start coming out earlier in a morning after the school run, casseroles and stews are now back in favour and the sales of hot food, carvery sandwiches and bacon and sausage sandwiches, is on the rise. Behind the scenes, we are working on our plans for Christmas, developing our loyalty card, and cranking up our pie production in preparation for Bonfire night and after that Christmas.


We will be giving out our Christmas brochures immediately after bonfire night so please be on the look out for these in the shop from 6th November. We have spent a lot of time on the brochure this year and hope you like the new format. Due to the new checkout system in the shop we are offering an express checkout round the back of the shop on the 23rd and 24th December for orders which are paid for in advance. This should help keep queues to a minimum. Details about this will be in the brochure. We are also listing more of our products so you can place your full order with us and just collect on the day. We think this will give most people time to look at the product range and chose their Christmas meals at their convenience and just give us the order form.


It is still not too late to place an order for a Hamper and pay it off in installments to spread the cost. Please see the hamper leaflet available in the shop. £5 is enough to start one off and then you have until 10th December to pay the balance. This year we are planning to have some Christmas tasting evenings where you can come along and have a drink with us and sample some of our premium Christmas products. These evenings will be very casual, we will take orders if required otherwise you can  go away and think about your festive plans with hopefully a bit of inspiration. Please look out in the shop for the dates.


Don’t forget bonfire night is almost upon us so if you are having a larger party and want 20 pies or more you can order these in the shop. If you require a smaller number we will have plenty and serve you at the counter. We find this is quicker and easier than looking through hundreds of bags to find an order. Don’t forget, we also cook our own mushy peas the traditional way and sell these ready for you to heat up. They are available in 1lb bags, 3lb bags and some 5lb bags. To heat up just add a drop of water and keep stirring until they are piping hot.


As the weather turns colder, we have now started to introduce a bit of comfort food. Andrews’ latest innovation is a beef cobbler ready meal, and I can personally recommend it after eating several portions already. This is a tasty beef and vegetable stew with baked dumplings. Look out for the Beef Cobbler in our self-service ready meal display cabinet. As well as this we will soon be introducing our ready to cook casserole dishes in the meat counter. Look our for the Beef Stroganoff, Beef Goulash, Chicken casserole and Beef bourguignon in our display soon.


We always like to think we do things better than anybody else, but on a recent fishing trip, Andrew was with some of our butcher friends, cooking breakfast before a good days salmon fishing, when he tasted some of the bacon our friend had brought. Andrew said it was the best he had ever tasted, and brought some back for me. I had to agree with him and in the next few weeks we will be selling this delicious bacon. It comes from the Macenzies Smokehouse at Blubberhouses and is available in plain or smoked. The smoked is our favourite as it has a great sweet smokey flavour but without the extra saltiness associated with most smoked bacon. Look out for it in the shop soon and if you are lucky we will have some tasters available.


As the winter approaches and the temperatures plummet don’t forget our hot counter for your breakfasts and lunches. Our bacon sandwiches and sausage sandwiches have really started to take off in a morning and are available from 7.30am. You can also take advantage of our meal deal and include a cup of coffee or tea. The lunchtime carver has also been busier with our hot roast pork sandwiches, hot chicken sandwiches and hot carved ham sandwiches. These are all made while you wait and can be garnished with a variety of options including apple sauce, stuffing and gravy.


Bon Appetit John & Andrew Green


As yet we have not had any questions from readers, but if you have any questions that you also think would be useful to others readers, please e-mail me: john@wilsonsbutchers.co.uk  There will be a prize for printed questions.




‘Meat the Staff!’

Joyce from Wilsons - Give Me Sunshine!

Joyce from Wilsons – Give Me Sunshine!

Joyce has been with us forever, or does it just seem like that! Seriously though, Joyce has been with us for 12 years now and she just keeps getting better with age. She worked at Dewhursts before working with us and therefore has a wealth of experience which she regularly passes onto customers, whether they like it or not!! She is always reliable, and thinks nothing of coming down to work at a moments notice to cover someone who is off sick. She has cut down her hours to have a bit more time at home with Bob, but even this does not stop her getting up at 4.30 am to do her household chores. This month Joyce took us all out to celebrate her 65th birthday and we had a great evening at the Three Horseshoes at Oulton. Some indulged more than others, you know who you are, Karen!

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