Issue 101 – February 2021

East Leeds Magazine Issue 101_February 2021 cover

Get in a taxi, subway train, don’t make me cry these tears in vain, baby, A hundred nights without you is murder baby, A 101 just won’t do, oh no
As we looked for lyrics from Joe Strummers original 101’ers band, we came across that other bastion of punk, Sheena Easton who released the Prince penned song ‘101’ on her 9th album.
Anyone who thinks the world has gone mad in 2020-21 should check….Sheena Easton really released nine albums? And Prince wrote for her?
Anyway, as we step gingerly into 2021, with hopefully a vaccine on the way that won’t see us all grow two heads, life seems to go on, just a bit differently, Warren implores us all to feed the birds, Alan’s moaning about his new Spanish neighbours and we’re still wittering on about an art exhibition for East Leeds in the late summer.
Oh and Sheena Easton actually released 15 studio albums and a live album which hasn’t been compared to the benchmark live album ‘The Who Live at Leeds.’ The world was already mad, pre 2020.

Issue 100 – January 2021

My heart was broken My heart was broken | Sorrow, sorrow. Sorrow, sorrow | My heart was broken My heart was broken | You saw it, you claimed it, you touched it, you saved it | My tears are drying My tears are drying | Thank you, thank you Thank you, thank you | My tears are drying My tears are drying | Your beauty and kindness | Made tears clear my blindness | Sunshine on Leith. A sad but inspiring and optomistic song from the Proclaimers.
Most of us have taken a hit one way or another this year and as we’ve published our 100th issue, it doesn’t feel so much like a time for celebration, more of a time for optimism and looking to the future. And if you need a hand, have a word with Mark James Hypnotherapy.
It’s not only our anniversary, Michael Tattersall’s Leeds Premier Karate Club has also just celebrated its 30th Anniversary. Congratulations.

Issue 99 – November 2020

In these days of evil Presidentes,
Working for the clampdown,
But lately one or two has fully paid their due,
For working for the clampdown.
Well it certainly feels like we’re living in a Kafka or Orwell novel, The Clash, Working for the Clampdown seems apt. And it’s times like these, when we feel like our freedoms are being slowly eroded we should remember people like Arthur Poulter who put his life on the line to save others during the First World War. Warren wanted to highlight this man’s bravery and devoted his column to it. And even though you will have received this mag after 11.11, we make no apology in putting Arthur on the front cover. This is our Christmas issue but sadly we are still all lamenting the lack of a summer holiday in a year when going for a cup of coffee seemed like a bigger adventure than climbing Everest blind fold. So Christmas and all the over hyped crap can wait. Have a drink for Arthur Poulter.

Issue 98 – October 2020

It’s a thousand pages, give or take a few.
I’ll be writing more in a week or two.
I could make it longer if you like the style. I can change it ’round. And I want to be a paperback writer. . .
Entertaining myself for hours. The Beatles and Paperb… ah, we all know it don’t we? Well Lee Murtagh might not be a paper back writer but he can’t half knock out a story. We might have to change his page to ‘Film making’ diary instead of boxing diary..
Seriously, congratulations to Lee and the lads, when everyone said it couldn’t be done, when Eastenders & Corrie stop filming, Lee found a way.
Bill Hern is a paperback writer, who, along with his mate David Gleave, has written a long overdue book about the first black footballers at various football clubs. It’s a fascinating, timely read. Meanwhile back at the ranch Alan C has turned into a cowboy and Warren’s asked us to spare a thought for the humble water vole.